About Me

My name is Stephanie. I am a Christ follower and a single mom. I have been a single mom for over four years now and know how incredibly challenging and wonderful it can be. Truly. I believe that families led by single moms (or dads) can be just as complete and happy as families with both a mom and a dad. But it takes work and commitment. We need to stand up and show these kids how great life can be. We need to fight for their futures and their hearts. And I hope I will be able to encourage you and give you ideas to help lead your family to a more fun, joyful future. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert. But I am a little further down the road than some and hope I can help you see the light that is coming.

However you found me, and whatever your family situation is, my hope is that you will come along on this journey, and find joy in the wilderness.


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