A Willing Heart

About a year ago, during a church service, our pastor preached about being willing to follow God completely. To go wherever He says and to do His will. He asked all those willing to completely follow God’s will to come forward. I almost went. I wanted to go. God was nudging my heart and saying, “Are YOU willing?”

But the enemy was there, too. He whispered in my ear, “You’re a single mom. Your kid has a visitation schedule with her dad. What can YOU do. God can’t use you because of your past choices. You blew it.”

So I sat. My heart heavy, wanting to follow and (for that moment) believing that I couldn’t be used anymore.

BUT, I have the Holy Spirit living in me. I am a child of God. The enemy may be able to whisper in my ear, but he does not run my life. God isn’t asking me to work miracles. That’s His job. He isn’t saying he is going to send me to another country for 5 years (which He could). And He never said that serving overseas or even out of my zip code is necessary for following Him. He just asked if I was willing.

I AM. I am absolutely willing and I am absolutely able. In Christ. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Not some things. Not the things I see as possible. ALL THINGS.

No matter who you are or what your life is like, God can use you. He wants to know you. He is asking if you are willing.

Willing to step out in faith.

Willing to go where He sends you (even if it’s just to the store!)

Willing to shine His love to the world around you.

Or maybe He’s asking if you are willing to accept the grace and love He has been offering to you all along. He wants to know you.

Are you willing?

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