A friend I can count on

I have a friend. The kind you can totally count on.

I met her 4 months before my husband left. She certainly didn’t meet the best version of me. She met a broken woman trying desperately to hold on to a family that was collapsing. I cried the very first time we met. She immediately began praying for me and my marriage. She wrapped her arms around my daughter and I and never let go.

At church, she always sought out my daughter and made her feel special and loved. She was the first person to show up on our crisis day. After he left, she checked up on us often. It can be lonely to be a single mom. Especially when the kids are really little. My daughter was only 3 at the time, so we didn’t get out to a lot of activities. Most people I knew were starting their activities around her bedtime. We had no family in the area and felt very alone.

My friend had built an incredible life there. She was involved in so many activities and living in the city meant it took a while to get from one to the next. But she would stop in on her way somewhere with a hug, an encouraging word, and a treat still warm from the oven of whatever fabulous restaurant she had just discovered.

When we moved into our new home last summer, we already lived 2 hours away from her. Our new church family came and moved all of our boxes and furniture and helped unpack books and kid stuff. They left and my family wasn’t here yet. But then, Miss Wendy showed up. I was burned out and couldn’t make another decision about where something should go, so she stepped in. I was willing to live with boxes and sit on the floor for a few days, but she just started unpacking and organizing. By the time she left that evening, we had a completely functioning, and beautiful, living room.

Now she lives half the country away. And I can’t wait until we get to see her again. We have a wonderful family and church surrounding us here. But it’s still good to know, Wendy is out there. And would show up if we needed her.

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  1. Oh gosh; amazing that your words were here for me JUST when I needed a friendly reminder of the true friends in my life. I will always be there for you and your angel. God bless!

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