62 Things Less!

A pile has been building up in my closet of clothes that my daughter has outgrown and plenty of other things to donate. I even went through my closet a few weeks ago and pulled out some things I know I’ll never wear. I kept thinking about sorting through it and figuring out what I could sell to a children’s resale shop and what would be donated. But the thought of sorting it, photographing and documenting it for taxes and packing it up made me just keep closing the closet door!

Yesterday, I finally did it! I have a box ready to be sold and 62 items already delivered to St Vinny’s. WOW! I may have my closet back soon!  Only took about 30 minutes. I just had to find the motivation to get in there and do it. It feels wonderful to not have that hanging over my head anymore.

My daughter and I also spent some time outside gathering leaves for a new craft idea I saw on Pinterest. I think it will make great Christmas gifts for her to give. I’ll post it when we have one done.

So day 4 was quite a success. I met all my goals, accomplished one task I had been dreading AND spent quality time with the kiddo.

This is awesome.


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