31 – Who Would have Thought?

Ok. So I am not a fan of cleaning. Never have been. My mom loved to clean when I was little. It did not rub off on me! I don’t like the chemicals, I don’t like the activity of cleaning and I have so many other ways I would rather spend my time. Like snuggled up with my little one.

I have been wanting to use more natural cleaning products and have wanted to try a steam mop for quite some time. No chemicals at all. Just water, turned to steam that cleans and sanitizes the floor. Seriously?

Enter Target (our second home). A couple of weeks ago we were wandering the store looking at clearance sections as usual. I decided to see how much steam mops cost. Behold! One was actually on clearance! A floor model, fully assembled, half price and a steal at $30.

Why, yes. It did go immediately into my cart. 🙂

Tonight, I finally tried it out. All of the floors in our home are now sparkly clean. Oh my word! I never thought it would feel good to me to clean! I would show you a photo of the dirt on the cleaning pad to prove it works, but it’s too embarrassing! Not worrying about the chemicals is a totally new thing for me and makes me excited to keep my floors clean.

A month ago, you could not have convinced me I would be refreshed by cleaning the floors, but here we are. Ahhhhhh.


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