31 – Jewelry Organizer

On Oct. 9, I told you about a new project I had in mind. I have been wanting to make myself a jewelry organizer and I found tons of drawer knobs at a fabulous rummage sale. If it turned out as well as I hoped, my plan was to make more and add them to my etsy shop.

The last 19 days have been an adventure of finding the right pieces and learning to do some things I have never tried before. Here’s the journey.

First, I spent several hours removing half of the knobs I bought from their wooden displays. Yes, half. The other half are attached with rivets and are very difficult to get off. I will tackle them as I need them, but I got enough off to get started.


I found the board that matched the vision in my head.



I measured and marked where the holes would go.



I drilled the holes, all by myself!



I tried out several paints and settled on a beautiful color with a slight sheen to it, Satin Beetle Black, and painted the board, front and back.



I went to Home Depot and found the right diameter and length of screws, again, all by myself! Then I attached those beautiful knobs.



I finished the whole project, photographed it and listed it in my etsy store.


I am so excited. It actually turned out just like I wanted it to! I have plans for lots more similar projects. I love it when a plan comes together!

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