31 Days – The Stage

We live in a great house. It was originally the servant’s quarters to the oldest home in our town. It’s probably a hundred years old and it has GREAT character, including the bunks in the basement where the farmhands used to sleep.

When I first saw this apartment, I walked in to this room downstairs with 2 bunks and thought they were really cool. The image of them stuck in my head and I knew they had a different purpose for us. I woke up the next morning and thought “STAGE”! My little girl is very imaginative and loves to pretend. What could be better than her very own stage?

So I cleaned it all up (with the help of my mom!). I added 3 layers flooring mats I had from our previous apartment so the bunk would be more comfortable.

Then I hung purple curtains (that don’t fit her window in our new place) on the existing curtain rods and tied them back with pretty ribbon.

Added a shiny pink comforter and her box of dress-up clothes.

And the stage was all set!

Her reaction? “Mom, you did all this for ME? It’s wonderful!” Yup. That’s my kid.

So using only things we already had around our home, I spent no money at all and was able to give my sweetness her heart’s desire. She is thrilled and so am I.


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