31 days of Focus and Refresh

Mary at Owlhaven and her daughters (Amanda & Erika) are embarking on an adventure. The idea is to focus and refresh your life by doing (or not doing) something for 31 minutes a day or by doing something every day in October that you normally wouldn’t do.

I’m in.

One of my big struggles in having my own business is focusing. When I am on a photo shoot or have photos to process, no problem. The days in between, when there is no work flowing in? Those leave me sort of floundering. I have so many ideas I want to try, but I get stuck. Stuck in worry. Stuck in distraction. Stuck.

I am ready to get unstuck.

So here are my goals for October:

1. Study the Bible and/or pray for 31 minutes a day.

2. Exercise for 31 minutes a day.

3. Spend 31 minutes a day working on my blog.

4. Spend 31 minutes a day creating something or listing something in my etsy shop. (which is very sad with 11 things listed right now!)

5. Get rid of one thing I don’t need every day during October.


I am so excited for this adventure! I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish when I make myself focus and have tangible goals laid out. After I dropped my kiddo off at school this morning, I stopped at the trail on the way home and walked for an hour. Hopefully starting with a bang will get the momentum going!

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