26 Random Acts of Kindness – Part 1

I saw this article about people doing 26 random acts of kindness in honor of the children and adults lost in Newtown. What a wonderful idea. There are so many amazing articles and posts being written in the aftermath of the shootings. One of the best I have seen talked about love. How the only way to overcome senseless evil and violence like this is to love. Show love and kindness anywhere you can. So we are taking the 26 Random Acts to heart.

My daughter is too young to learn of what exactly happened in Newtown. But you can never be too young to serve and love others.

We can’t afford to bless people financially, so we are going to get creative. Here’s my idea list so far…

1. Take cookies to our local firehouse and the men and women there who protect us.

2. Take a small treat in a pretty package with notes to my daughter’s teachers, thanking them for all they do.

3. Send a card to a soldier serving overseas.

4. Take a treat to the guys building the house on our street.

5. Clean snow off a stranger’s car at Target. (preferably without setting off any alarms!)

What ideas are you going to try?

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